200,000 Developers have signed up to the Apple iPhone Software Development Kit

The Issue: Since the people at Apple announced the iPhone SDK release, there has been a tremendous response to the software.

The Story: The iPhone SDK software has been downloaded over 100,000 times, with a total of 200,000 developers ready to tear through the software development kit – resulting in a tremendously wide variety of applications ready to sell from the iPhone App Store. The App Store will be accessible from the iPhone home screen on the new updated software that runs the iPhone: iPhone 2.0. With the App Store present, we users will be able to purchase and download applications right from our home screen. Most excitingly, over a third of Fortune 500 companies have signed up their developers to create great apps for us and our beloved iPhones. The iPhone SDK has even made its way to higher level learning programming classrooms, where students are working with their professors on programs with the new development kit.

Why This Matters: Duh! Apps! Apps! Apps! More Apps! Made by people who actually know what they’re doing!

What Says The…

Geek: I haven’t been this excited since I mastered Klingon.

Socialite: I can’t wait to show these apps off.

Soccer Mom: Maybe they’ll even offer an app that cleans up fries from under the backseat of the minivan.

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