3G Enabled iPhone Screen Most Likely a Photoshop

The Issue: A string has been found which shows the existance of an "Enable 3G" preference in the latest iPhone firmware. The screen shot, however, must be a fake.

The Story: The author of Chronic Productions Blog has located the following string in the latest iPhone firmware: 


However, the following screen shot has been released and copied by numerous sites:

This image described by iPhone news, iPhone 3G, iphone 2.0, 3g_screen

We’ll be the first to say it: It’s fake. The photo was initially seen on MacRumors here.

Yes – the 3G string does indeed prove that the 3G enabled iPhone is almost here.

However, this image is photoshopped, as is the "Using 3G loads data faster, but decreases battery life" line. It would have most likely been in the same string somewhere which Chronic Productions Blog found (which it isn’t). 

Importance: The 3G iPhone is almost here, and people are desperate for proof. So desperate that a photoshopped screen shot has made its way all over the internet.

What says the…

Geek: They almost fooled me. Almost.

Socialite: Just release this new fast internet thing already.

Soccer Mom: Snore.

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