3G iFonz R HeRe – Shhh! Do not tell anyone

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ImportGenius.com – as part of their competitive intelligence package monitoring records of US customs.

They reported that they noticed a spike of shipments to Apple labeled Р“electric computers”.

ImportGenius explained that this product name was never reported on prior customs declarations from Apple.

Yes, it is enough to get us excited that 3G iPhones are on US soil  – BUT – ImportGenius has been wrong before (just do some research).  Also, they are talking about shipments of "electric computers" on March 19th.  From a logistics stand point, why would you receive a product 2 months before launch and have all that inventory sitting in the warehouse? And in addition, they would be riskisng finding hardware/software bugs after a major shipment.

Whether it’s true or not, let’s hope there won’t be any rationing of iPhones come June.

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