3G iPhone icon found – Side by side comparison is here

mrat93 at MacRumors found an icon in the beta6 version of the iPhone SDK – which did not look like the regular iPhone.

The news exploded all over gadget blogs.

If you read the forum post, the poor guy was accused of being an "attention whore" and was told over and over again that the icon is not 3g.  You know, just the regular flame-throwing wars that go on at forums.

But mrat93 is on to something.

It is very easy to extract icons from the Aspen icon set and iPhone icon set.

The Aspen icons look different and in line with leaked images of the iPhone.

Here’s a side by side comparison with the standard iPhone icon.

This image described by iPhone, 3G, icon, aspen, Photoshopscreenshot001

This image described by iPhone, 3G, icon, aspen, Photoshopscreenshot002

Sure, you can ask why the buttons are on different sides of the phone in the Aspen icon set, etc, etc.

However, if we write the explanation here, a lot of bandwidth and other natural/un-natural resources would be pointlessly used up.

The funny part is that  the Aspen icon set did not change since February.

This image described by iPhone, 3G, icon, aspen, Finderscreenshot001

Based on all the info about the upcoming iPhone this looks very plausible.

mrat93, stay strong! You are on to something.

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