3G? More like 4G.

While we’re dwelling on 3G iPhone’s – speculating, guessing, hoping, and dreaming – Japan is having a good laugh.

NTT Docomo – Japan’s biggest cell phone service provider – has signed a deal with Apple for iPhone distribution.

However – the iPhone won’t be bringing Japan the same kind of innovation it brought the rest of the world.

NTT Docomo already has a slew of 3G phones:

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[image via Engadget]

Not only are these phones 3G capable, but they have GPS, HSDPA, 1-seg mobile TV, full browser with flash 8 support, DCMX and iD Mobile Credit Cards.

True – they don’t look as sleek as the iPhone: nor do they boast an impressive "all-screen" multi-touch design – but from a tech perspective, they are more advanced.

And furthermore – while we’re still awaiting a 3G iPhone to be announced at the WWDC…

..Japan already has a deal in the works with Israel’s Altair for "ultralow power and ultra high performance" 4G chips.

Yes, I said 4G.

In summation, the rumor that "Japan is so far ahead of us technologically" is as true as ever.

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