Apple certifies Mophie’s Battery Extender for iPhone

What it is:  Mophie Juice Pack : A "case" which doubles your iPhones battery power. Put your iPhone in, and keep it in. Apple just gave it the "Works With iPhone" approval label – which means it works perfectly with the iPhone.

What it does: Slip your iPhone into the Juice Pack and receive additional battery life. How many extra hours do you get? Ah. I knew you’d ask.

Standby Time: Up to 250 Extra Hours

Audio Playback: Up to 24 Extra Hours

Talk Time: Up to 8 Extra Hours

Video Playback: Up to 7 Extra Hours

Internet Use: Up to 6 Extra Hours

The Juice Pack has 4 LED lights on the back which indicate the level of charge. This image described by iPhone accessories, iphone battery life, mophie juice pack, iPhone Product, iPhone Product Review, Front_back_side_2

You can charge your iPhone while its still in the Mophie Juice Pack.

However, you have to take your iPhone out of the case in order to sync it.

Notice also the green interior of the juice pack – that’s currently the only color offered.

Price: $99.95

To order this item, go here. (Our affiliate link to Amazon)

The Verdict: A quality product. However, at $100 you have to really need it to get it. If a dead iPhone battery means a dead you – then get it. If you do a lot of critical mission work – then this is for you.

What says the…

Geek: Everything I do is critical mission work.

Socialite: 4 LED’s on the back? So my iPhone will look even more cool?

Soccer Mom: I think standard iPhone battery life is enough to get me through a 2 hour trip to ACME.