Apple not unhappy about unlocked iPhones: Surprised?

The Issue: Apple (AAPL) is not blind. They know about you T-Mobile users out there who have unlocked your iPhone. Were you expecting a scolding? It’s not coming.

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The Story: Although Apple is missing out on the kickbacks from AT&T (ATT) from unlocked iPhones which are used through a different service provider, the fact remains – iPhones are being sold. And they’re being sold fast. Just in the last 10 months 5.4 million phones have been sold. If you were Apple, you’d probably say: “Yes, I’m making money off of the hardware, but I want more! I want my full percentage of AT&T’s profits! I will update this device to make it virtually un-unlockable!” Good thing you aren’t Apple.

They have a bit of a ‘looser’ point of view. Apple believes that due to the ability to unlock iPhones, huge numbers of phones have already been shipped abroad. With unlocked iPhones circulating the global market, the demand for legitimate iPhones will be even broader when the iPhone finds it way to that iPhone hungry nation. Furthermore, pressure is being forced on the national service provider to hop on the iPhone bandwagon and sign an exclusivity deal like AT&T, Vodafone, and Telecom Italia have.

Plus, let’s be real. So many iPhones have been sold to consumers who had premeditated to unlock the device. At this point, Apple has all the information necessary to ‘lock’ the unlocked iPhones and render all the current methods obsolete. And the reality is: they haven’t. That means they are benefiting from unlocked iPhones.

Importance: Don’t worry T-Mobile iPhoners. Papa Apple isn’t gonna ground you.

What says the…

Geek: “Un-unlockable”? Not while I’m still alive.

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Soccer Mom: No.