Breaking: We claimed the 3G iPhone screenshot was a fake – Engadget Agreed

By investigating Chronic Production’s Blog we came to the conclusion that the following screenshot was a fake:

This image described by , 3g_screen

Engadget posted an article today agreeing that this screenshot is Photoshopped, referencing iSmashPhone.

And now, we want to know what you think.

This image described by

As to the comments from others, including the instructions which claim to recreate that very screen – we would be more than willing to attend an onsite demo anywhere around the world. Just let us know, and we will arrange the trip.

And yes – we have seen the YouTube videos. Whomever is making those videos should invest in some better equipment, for I was dizzy after the first 15 seconds.

And please – no muscle is necessary.   

Bring drinks not hate