Proof that the infamous “Enable 3G” iPhone screenshot is a photoshop

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Do you remember this screenshot?

This image described by iPhone news, iphone 2.0, 3g_screen

It ran circles through tech-sites and iPhone blogs.

In a previous article we wrote that this screenshot is photoshopped digitally altered.

And guess what? We were 100% right.

How do we know we were right? Follow along.

It all began when the Chronic Productions Blog author had found the following string in the latest iPhone firmware:

This image described by iPhone news, iphone 2.0, L33t_hacking_skillz

[click here for cached link] 

The post went up on May 10th, 2008.

Someone named ‘SJobs’ leaked Chronic’s post to MacRumours.

MacRumours instantly released an article on the existence of an "Enable 3G" screen in the beta 5 firmware. However, in between Chronic’s post and MacRumours’ post – an actual screen shot boasting the "Enable 3G" preference was born.

Once MacRumours released this article with a photoshopped digitally altered screenshot – the wave begun. Check out all the sites this image made it’s way to.

…and these are just the bigger sites. There were dozens of iPhone blogs who released similar stories.

Finally, the image made its way here.

The Fortune Magazine/CNN Blog:

The author of Chronic Productions Blog released the following statement:

This image described by iPhone news, iphone 2.0, Macrumours_statement

[click here for cached link]

So, what does this all mean iSmashPhone? Well, the Chronic Production Blog is no longer on the internet. Whether they received a Cease and Desist Letter or simply decided to call it quits because he was accepted into the App Store Developer Program is not our concern. If you wanna check for yourself go to

This image described by iPhone news, iphone 2.0, Blogger_message_2

Our concern, however, is the very last post written by Chronic. Notice the highlighted text.

This image described by iPhone news, iphone 2.0, Disclaimer

[click here for cached link]

There it is. The original "locator" of the "Enable 3G" string himself admits that the screenshot is a Photoshop digitally altered image.

The reality is such: there is no Internet police, and there aren’t any repercussions for photoshopping an iPhone screen shot.

However, when the image reaches Fortune Magazine and CNN blog, it’s a whole different ball game. Editorial news sources are held to a certain journalistic standard – one which doesn’t include publishing doctered images.

And remember, as Chronic Productions Blog said – the firmware may indeed look exactly like that. However, at this point, that specific screenshot that was used by countless sites is a Photoshop digitally altered image.

Editorial Note: By photoshopped we meant that it is a "digitally altered image".