iSmashLabs Orders Refurb iPhone – Gets Nothing But A Plastic Bag

Yes – a bag.

We at iSmashLabs decided to order a $250 refurbished iPhone from AT&T for two reasons: to have an extra iPhone to screw with and to test the AT&T process (which we’ve heard nothing but bad things about).

Let’s just say that AT&T lived up to its reputation.

The iPhone was scheduled for a 2 day delivery. It was ordered last Wednesday, and received today – Tuesday. Even with the Memorial Day holiday – that’s late.

When the package arrived, it wasn’t a package at all.

It was a large DHL envelope, and it was as light as a feather. Upon opening the letter – our spirits were crushed, but at the same time we couldn’t help but laugh.

The envelope contained nothing but a bright orange plastic bag.

After being on the phone with AT&T for over 30 minutes, AT&T decided to bestow some information upon us – information which they without a doubt should have shared with us prior to the shipment of a bag…

AT&T is out of refurbished iPhones, and we are now in a queue. The expected date of arrival of our lab’s auxiliary iPhone is now unknown.

iSmashPhone – "So when should I be expecting my refurb iPhone to be shipped?"

AT&T – "How should I know?"

See pictures below.

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