.Mac going through an identity crisis – soon to be available for Windows and iPhone?

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Apple’s online tool package, the famous .Mac, is going through a major identity crisis.

In the most recent update of Mac OS X, 10.5.3, all coding references to ".Mac" have undergone a major change".Mac" was replaced with the variable "%@".

The purpose of the variable is to be a placeholder until Mac comes up with a new name to replace .Mac with.

And why would they be replacing .Mac? Because supposedly the service will be offered to Windows users as well.

Furthermore, there has been evidence for .Mac appearing on the iPhone 2.0 – integrating "push" email services from your .Mac account (hence enhancing your iPhone’s mail, contacts, and calender capabilities).

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Also, noting today’s release of the Apple iPhone’s patent, we couldn’t help but notice the presence of a blogging app (one which never made it to the iPhone).

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It only seems too coincidental for the .Mac revamp to occur so near to the WWDC. You could expect to see a .Mac (or should I say %@) integrated blogging service right on your iPhone’s home screen.

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