More Details about iPhone Rumors

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1. Apple is cleaning out its supply chain:  mostly likely true. Apple learned from angry customers who paid the full price for an obsolete device.

2. Apple already brought millions of iPhone 2.0’s into the country: Most likely untrue. Apple is known to airlift its product last minute.

3. 3G iPhone will be introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference: Most likely true Рenough said.

4. Apple has something more to introduce at the WWDC which we aren’t expecting: Most likely true. Well, just because we want more 🙂

5. Some technical details about the 3g iPhone: higher resolution camera, video recording, bulkier/curvier case, GPS receiver. None of these specs can be confirmed for sure, except in some cases (unconfirmed) SDK references.

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100% Fake. Every time you see a real leaked picture of a device, the photographer (leaker) takes a picture of the device’s face – for obvious reasons. It’s the funnest part to see. Why would anyone take a picture of the back? (unless they have something to hide) Only time will tell.

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