New Contour Hardskin for iPhone

Product: Contour now offers iPhone “Hardskin” cases. A quality product with a sleek design. A rubber outer coating surrounds the underlying protective chassis. This item offers total protection and accessibility to all buttThis image described by iPhone cases, iPhone Products, iPhone Product Reviews, Contour Hardskin, Hardskin_iphone_v3_detail_lg1ons on the phone. It comes with a hip holster and clip, and is also camera ready.


Downside: Fairly pricy at $34.95. Only comes in black.

What Says The…

Geek: I shall add it to my collection of iPhone cases immediately! Next time the bully knocks me to the ground, at least I won’t have to worry about my precious iPhone getting scratched.

Socialite: It doesn’t come in Paxil Yellow? Won’t match my sunglasses. No thank you.

Soccer Mom: $35? That can cover pizza costs for the whole week.