New iPhone SIM Unlock Card takes away the risks of unlocking your device

Unlocking your iPhone (for use with other carriers) the original way is a rather risky process.

You must endure:

a. risking losing warranty

b. risking bricking your device (which cost you a mighty $500 bucks)

c. firmware modifications

d. being comfortable with step-by-step hacks

But no more.

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USB Fever has released a new product – the Universal SIM Unlock Card.

Punch a hole in your SIM Card and your Unlock Card – slip it in between your SIM Card and your SIM Port on your iPhone – and tada! Use your iPhone with whatever service provider you’d like.

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And supposedly this card functions with 3G devices – so it should function with the iPhone 2.0.

But who knows – for all we know the iPhone 2.0 could be an amorphous neon bubble which communicates solely in Yiddish.

Note: The Universal SIM Unlock Card isn’t intended specifically for the iPhone but rather a range of many phones including the iPhone (hence universal). So if you have another phone that needs unlocking, check USB Fever’s list – for the card probably works for it too.

The Price: $22.99

What says the…

Geek: I live on the edge – and I unlock iPhones the good ole’ fashioned way.

Socialite: Or you could just get AT&T.

Soccer Mom: What do you mean "unlock"? You have a key for your iPhone? …but there’s no door…

[purchase at USB Fever]