No More iPhones: Until the iPhone 2.0

The Issue: You’ve seen all the headlines about sold out iPhones. What does it all mean? iPhone 2.0 is coming.

The Story: With the recent news of the Apple iPhone being sold out in the Apple Online Store and in Apple locations accross the nation – actually, accross the globe – it seems that people are starting to get desperate.

We called several Apple stores in the the Northeast, and they all told us the same thing:

iSmashPhone: Hi, do you have any iPhones in stock?

Apple: Only 16 GB.

iSmashPhone: Oh, when will you get 8 gigs back in stock?

Apple: We have no idea.

Nobody believes that Apple would actually sell out of iPhones. I mean c’mon, this one product is unbelievably lucrative for this company – it’s the most succesful cell phone in the market – globally.

So why would they run out? I’ll tell you why: they’re clearing inventory for the iPhone 2.0.

This way, not only will more people buy the iPhone 2.0, but Apple is getting free marketing for the iPhone 2.0 via all the news, blogs, and speculation on the internet.

However, the obvious expectation for the new generation iPhone has led to some rough play. After the Chronic Productions Blog author located and posted a string for the "Enable 3G" option in the latest iPhone firmware, the internet tech world took off.

Someone – most likely at Mac Rumors – had created a fake PhotoShopped image of the Enable 3G screen.

This image described by iPhone news, 3g_screen

The tech world bought into this image hook, line, and sinker…It even ended up in the online Fortune Magazine!

Importance: Everyone needs to relax. The iPhone 2.0 will be out soon. The iPhone "shortage" is very temporary.

What says the:

Geek: Don’t tell me to relax.

Socialite: Oooh. Drama in the tech world.

Soccer Mom: …Moving on…