Starbucks WiFi Mystery Solved

The Issue: First we had free Starbucks (SBUX) AT&T WiFi, then we lost free Starbucks AT&T (ATT) Wifi. It was all too weird. What happened? Human error.

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The Story: In a NY Times article, an AT&T spokesperson announced the reason for the early release of the AT&T free WiFi for iPhone users at Starbucks and Barnes & Noble was due to human error. This answers the question of why the service was yanked several days after it was released. Whether or not this is the truth – we’ll never know – but it’s what AT&T wants us to believe.

Importance: So…when will the service be released (not accidentally)?

What says the…

Geek: Human error? Never happens to me.

Socialite: C’mon AT&T. I wanna look chic in Starbucks by reading the Times on my iPhone.

Soccer Mom: Blah blah blah.