The iPhone As A Personal Shopper

NearbyNow is an iPhone Mall Directory Web Application.

Huh? In other words, this application allows you to graphically navigate a shopping center.

You can:

    See what stores are in the mall (by category or all together)

    Search for a specific product and see what stores have it in stock

        – results include images, prices, and sale information

    Search mall store inventories

    List available sales

    Find the nearest restroom

    Get directions from one store to another

Check out the video for a quick sample of how this truly amazing app works.

NearbyNow has a concierge service which allows you to reserve an in-store item.

They work as a middle man for mall-retailers and mall-shoppers, allowing you to have the most enjoyable shopping experience possible.

Men? Hate going to the mall looking for a gift? This will cut mall-time in half.

Ladies? Did you forget to check on a new pair of Gucci heels you wanted in Bloomingdales, and now are all the way in Neiman Marcus on the other end of the mall? Pop out your iPhone – get your NearbyNow going, and simpy check if they’re in stock. You just saved yourself a trip.

How can I get it? You can’t – yet. It will be available in July 2008.

What does it cost? Nothing! It’s a Web App: so you’ll just need an internet connection on your iPhone.

The Verdict:

Since this product won’t be out until July and there’s no available prototype – we can’t give it a grade yet.

But check back for updates and don’t be surprised to see an A+. This isn’t some quick and easy web app – there is a large company behind the magic, and there has clearly been a lot of work put into this web app.

NearbyNow exists currently as a "regular" web page, check it out here:

What says the…

Geek: Wow – this iPhone web app literally allows you to interact with your surroundings – this is groundbreaking.

Socialite: I CAN’T WAIT!

Soccer Mom: So your tellin’ me I can just see if the store has what I’m looking for..from my iPhone…see the image, the price, and the sale…and see how many they have….and if it’s only a few I can reserve it? Amazing.