Why Won’t 3G Blackberry Beat the Iphone?

The Issue: The Blackberry Bold 9000 has been released – and it has 3G internet capabilities. Yes, it beat the iPhone to the punch. However, it still doesn’t stand a chance to the almighty Apple iPhone.

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The Story: Here’s the deal. No matter how great the hardware may be, the BlackBerry Bold 9000 will not out sell the iPhone. It won’t turn heads. It will not succeed – atleast not in the same way the iPhone succeeded. Why is this so? It’s not because the BlackBerry isn’t a good phone – it’s because of the world the iPhone has created.


Just look around. You’re on a site which reviews iPhone applications and discusses important iPhone news. The iPhone generates atleast 5 news stories every day.

The iPhone is a brand. It has swept the market.

There is always something interesting going on in the world of iPhone – for example, the item is literally sold out in all Apple stores right now in both USA and England. Seems unreal. And rather than taking the news and saying "oh wow, they must be selling out fast!", the whole tech community is shouting: "Hooray! The iPhone 2.0 must be coming! This is the best day of my life!"

The point is – people care about the iPhone. It is innovative. It challenged the norm, and created a new standard. People care enough to speculate and take online quizzes about when they think the 3G iPhone will be released (alright, maybe that’s just the super nerds).

Furthermore, read a little further into the scenario here. The BlackBerry Bold 9000 was designed and released specifically to challenge the iPhone.

By challenging the iPhone, BlackBerry is giving the assumption that the iPhone is the one to beat. This concept gives more to the iPhone than it does to itself.

Here’s an idea: don’t ‘beat the iPhone’. Do what Apple did – be innovative. Challenge the norm. Create a new standard. Don’t target the iPhone as your competition.

Want proof that the iPhone is winning? Approach your grandmother. Ask her if she’s ever heard of BlackBerry – she’ll think you’re talking about the fruit. Ask her if she’s ever heard of an iPhone – and 4 out of 5 times you’ll get a yes.

What says the…

Geek: Wow iSmashPhone, you’re right on the money! 🙂

Socialite: iPhone is prettier.

Soccer Mom: Why’s that other phone have so many buttons?

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