Holographic Text Messages on iPhone: That’ll be the day

That’ll be the day.

If you guys are looking for a “download” or “how to” article for setting up hologram text messages on your iPhone, good luck finding it.

This is a digitally altered video for Google’s new “Mobile Phone Tricks” contest featured on YouTube.

The iPhone does not have the necessary hardware to host such detailed 3 dimensional holography.

Even the smallest and cheapest 3D hologram modulator created by MIT and published in their TechReview is way larger than the iPhone. Read about it here.

Post Update
This video made front page of youtube. So people are trying to search for holographical application for iPhone since video looks real. As of right now (june 30, 2008 23:10) we got over 1000 hits from organic google searches on “halographic text messages”. Apple, take note: People do not want stinking MMS on iPhone they want holographic text messages.

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