iCall VOIP App for the Upcoming App Store

Here are the features of iCall:

  1. Make and receive calls over WiFi
  2. Transfer inbound calls from a regular cell call to WiFi instantly and seamlessly – save your expensive minutes
  3. Access your same address book
  4. Customize your voicemail options

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In other words, whenever you’re around WiFi, you won’t have to use up your minutes.

Yes, FREE calls!

You’ll have to buy this app from the app store, true, but a one time fee (which realistically can’t be more than $20) is totally worth it to save up expensive AT&T minutes.

The developers of iCall reiterate several times the fact that VOIP is legal, and Steve Jobs himself said at the WWDC that VOIP is going to be allowed on the iPhone 3G over WiFi (not over 3G).

I’m rather surprised that this is allowed – think about it. By saving minutes, you’re taking money away directly from AT&T, and by buying this app, your giving money directly to Apple. This just goes to show that Apple wears the pants in this relationship.

Check out iCall here.

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