iPhone 3G To Get MMS Support?

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iPhoneAtlas claims to have received an internal email from AT&T which details what the iPhone 3G’s MMS application might look like. Furthermore, it details that it…exists.

These images, however, have brought together the online world (iPhoneAtlas, Gizmodo, BGR, and iSmashPhone) to agree that these screenshots must be fakes.

The email does not give any details on pricing for MMS, but here’s the thing. It’s most likely not gonna exist.

Steve Jobs announced a bunch of new and secret iPhone 3G features at the WWDC (GPS, 3G, App Store Apps, Contact Search, etc…).

So why would he conceal MMS?

Regardless, it’s an interesting rumor. Although there most likely will be no MMS on the iPhone 3G (which isn’t a bad thing), we won’t know for sure until July 11th.

[iPhoneAtlas via Gizmodo]

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