Plum Record: Cool Audio Recording App to sell in the iPhone 3G’s App Store

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Plum Amazing hasn’t released a full screenshot yet – just this sneek peek in between the "gift wrapping".


"Plum Record is an audio recording application for the iPhone. Plum Record will allow users to record any

sound, lecture, music, dictation (medical, legal, etc.), nature sounds, notes, and reminders. While

recording audio (not telephone conversations), the user can annotate with text and pictures (taken by the

camera). Later the recordings can be played back and the annotations viewed."

"Plum Caddy and Plum Record will be available for iPhone and iPod Touch as soon as the iTunes

AppStore opens. Please visit the website to get on the list to be the first to hear when these

applications are available and to learn more."


This app seems extremely useful for college students particularly, but they’re a tough crowd when it comes to things that aren’t free.

Check it out here.