Speaking of iPhone Killers…Are they getting desperate?

The iPhone 3G is the one to beat. All these cellphone companies are coming out with 3G drones hoping to contest with the iPhone.

Some are blatant copies [see Samsung Instinct] others simply steal concepts [see BlackBerry Bold 9000 commercial] and others are just ludicrous [see below].

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Panasonic is releasing it’s waterproof and 3G handset codenamed "Tropical 823P" in Japan via Softbank.

Adopting a 3-inch QVGA display and 2MP camera, the Tropical 823P features HSDPA support, 1-Seg, Bluetooth and GPS functions.

So iPhone users, if you really really wanna browse the internet with 3G while swimming, the iPhone’s not for you. Enjoy this pretty pink Panasonic instead.

Ah, Panasonic, you found the iPhone’s weakness. Lack of waterproofing!

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