What CIO’s Want Most In the iPhone 2.0

Ah, the irony. Remember when the iPhone first came out and CIO’s and IT people everywhere were shouting left and right – "The iPhone isn’t for business! It’ll never make a name for itself in enterprise! It’s for personal use – it’s just a fun toy…"?

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Well, CIO Magazine just did an article called iPhone 2.0: What CIOs Want to See in Apple’s Next-Gen Smartphone.

Not only were CIOs and ITs wrong about the iPhone not being useful in business – but they’re now joining the Apple rumors market by guessing and hoping for features in the next generation iPhone (which is only 5 days away).

Anyway, here’s the list…

1. 3G

This is a non-issue, the next iPhone most definitely will be 3G.

2. GPS

Goodbye Garmin, see ya later TomTom – say hello to Apple dominating another market.

3. Tighter Security

"My biggest concern about using the iPhone for business is drawing the line between business and personal use" – Markus Hill, VP of Technology of Rodgers Builders

If you’re having so much trouble keeping your business and personal e-mail separate, then boy do I feel bad for the IT guys that work under you.

4. Remote Management

"Central IT needs to be able to remotely troubleshoot issues and brick devices if they’re lost or stolen." – Tim Davis, CIO of Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits

Cause you know, when you’re talkin IT – who better to ask than the chicken and biscuits guy?

5. More Flexible Mail Client

"In order for the iPhone to be taken seriously as a business device, Apple needs to compete head to head with RIM, and to do that it would need to offer a corporate push e-mail solution that could be easily integrated with most organizations’ Microsoft e-mail environments" – Hugh Scott, VP of IS of Direct Energy

The next gen iPhone will have Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync – problem solved.

6. Stronger iPhone Warranty / Insurance Policy

"This warranty does not apply: to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes." – AT&T

AT&T you gotta step up your game.

7. Removable / Replaceable Battery

There’s no argument here – however, the ability to take out or replace the battery would damage the iPhone’s super sleek look by adding additional buttons, screws, levers, pullies, widgets, and whatever else goes into building a battery cap.

In closing, I’d like to point out two things.

For one, IT people will never admit that a device is awesome – they will always point out "improvements" and "suggestions".

And for two, the next gen iPhone will solve all of the issues pointed out in this article (minus the removable battery and stronger warranty). 

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