Will poor apps overwhelm the iPhone as they did Facebook?

We were all excited when Facebook announced 3rd party application capabilities.

But then the reality struck. Although the apps started out rather fun, the site was soon overwhelmed by poorly designed, purpose free applications – most of which are marketing schemes anyway.

With the App Store coming and developers on the fringe to create apps for the iPhone – we’re worried that the iPhone’s doesn’t end up like Facebook.

The jailbroken market is a whole other story. It’s cluttered and crammed with applications which range from "wow…amazing" to "I can’t believe someone actually made this". But nobody can control a market which is based entirely on hacking the iPhone’s firmware – it’s an entirely open market (so you can’t complain).

So all we can do is put our trust in Apple and hope that they won’t be approving apps left and right.

That being said…..In software news this week, we learned that

Flipside5, Inc. had a press release and announced the release of "app" versions of their "web apps" Tic-Tac-Touch, 4-in-a-row, and other classic games.


Jamkai debuted the Personalize, Discover, Mobilize app for the iPhone.



Multitouch and multiscreen pong


PinchMedia got funded and unveiled their iPhone development app



The iPhone-social-network iPling startup was released

This image described by iPhone news, Ipling


Clearly this week the cool outnumbers the boring (a good sign).

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