A Fillmore Light Show On Your iPhone? Oh, wow, man…

Got five bucks burning a hole in your pocket?  You could spend it on a foot-long Subway or Quizzno’s sub — or you could do a Grateful Dead dance over to iTunes and pick up a copy of iCandy — that is, if you’re not already groaning over that atrocious pun of a name.

ThreeVee Software, the creators of iCandy, describe it thusly:

"iCandy is a visualizer for your life. iCandy uses the iPhone’s
microphone to listen to what’s going on around it and serves up some
tasty treats for your eyes and mind. Whether you’ve got your favorite
music playing or want some goodies while you hone your beatbox skillz,
feed that urge."

This image described by Visualizer, iCandy, Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Screen-capped from iTunes…

Congratulations, ThreeVee: you’ve just turned an iPhone into an expensive, portable version of the Windows Media Player.

[Via MediaLets]

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