Our App Store Verdict

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The App Store was released today, and the whole entire web world crawled through it like an uptight mom going through her 16 year old daughter’s purse. And hey, we were doing it too.

Here’s our verdict:

The app store was a great success. It worked flawlessly and showed no signs of weakness. However, there are some apps that simply don’t belong in the App Store. I think I speak for all Apple users by saying I expected Apple to be far pickier with what apps they allow into the store. Apple also allowed tons of similar apps into the store. But from an economic standpoint, Apple did the right thing – not only are they providing more content, but they’re creating competition, which drives sales.

Final word: The App Store rocks.

And we’re glad to have access to the App Store prior to the release of the iPhone 3G – now we’ll have something to do while waiting in line 🙂

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