Apple Store Slaps iPhone Game for Security Breach

It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature — or tick off the House of Jobs.

The Apple store recently de-listed the Aurora Feint RPG for iPhone when it was discovered the app took your entire content list and sent it to their servers.  Unencrypted, to boot.

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The developers promptly offered the following mea culpa:

"When we discovered that the Apple SDK allowed us to look through your
contact list we thought it would be a great idea to automatically show
you which friends are playing the game. Why automatically? Well,
everyone always complains about the keyboard on the iPhone and how
annoying it is to type on it. So we thought, "Hey, why don’t we make
this feature REALLY easy to use – no typing!" And such, the community
feature was born. Some people have said that it would have been ok if
we had a better notice explaining what was going on. I agree! We
weren’t trying to be sneaky about how this worked. It was just
overlooked. No one we showed it to even asked a question about it – nor
did we. It just simply never came up as a potential issue when we beta
tested the game with early users."

As of Friday, July 25, the game has been relisted — with the security breach removed.

[Via Gizmodo]

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