AT&T Finally Announces Free WiFi Hotspots for iPhone Customers


AT&T mistakenly announced free Wi-Fi for iPhone users…yet again!

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Finally, AT&T made up their mind about the on again-off again game they’ve been playing with Starbucks and other WiFi hotspot providers. Here’s all you need to know:

Here’s what AT&T had to say on the matter:

AT&T knows Wi-Fi is hot, and free Wi-Fi even hotter, which is why we are proud to offer iPhone customers free access to the nation’s largest Wi-Fi hotspot network with more than 17,000 hotspots, including Starbucks*. Now users can relax and access music, e-mail and web browsing services with their favorite blend in hand from the comfort of their favorite location.

Whatever you say AT&T…but hey, keep this in mind – no matter how great 3G is…WiFi’s still better.

[via MacRumors]