First iPhone 2.0 Pwnage Tool Will Not Unlock The iPhone 3G

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The iPhone Dev Team, the guys behind all of the iPhone’s jailbreaky hackedy hoopla, have released a statement in their latest blog entry.

The first Pwnage tool will be released shortly, but it will not support a baseband unlock of the iPhone 3G.

Although they managed to jailbreak the iPhone 2.0 firmware in just 5 days, it looks like there are some security features in the 3G model which are hindering their progress. The team is still working hard to get the 3G unlocked, but they don’t want to release the tool until it’s 100% ready.

So, what does this mean?

As of now you can:

  • Jailbreak your iPhone 3G [run and have the App Store]
  • Unlock your original iPhone while running 2.0 firmware [so all you T-Mobile users can have the App Store on your iPhone]