Goodbye, iPhone Accessory — Helloooooo, Paperweight!

When did "backwards compatibility" become a dirty word at the House of Jobs?

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iPhoneAtlas has begun compiling a list of third-party accessories that worked fine on the first two iterations of the iPhone, but cough and die in the presense of the 3G.  To wit:

  • Firewire-based chargers.  Older iPhones had the option of recharging either via the USB port or the Firewire portion of the pin connector.  Since the latter was cheaper to produce, tons of aftermarket folks offered Firewire chargers.  This option has been removed from the 3G.
  • A number of car connector systems now produce an audio echo when a 3G is plugged in.  To make matters worse, the problem happens with 3G phones running OS 2.0 — while older phones running that same OS work fine.   Ford Focus’ with Microsoft Sync (hmm…) are one car experiencing this bug.  2007 Prius’ are another.  So much for driving green…
  • Then there are the devices which Just Do Not Work At All With 3G’s.  No common thread so far.

If you have an old accessory that won’t play nice with your new iPhone, the boys at the ‘Atlas would like to hear from you.

[Via iPhoneAtlas]

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