iPhone 3G Email Sent To All Apple Customers, Buying Details Included

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Apple mentioned a few key details in this email.

    1. Yes – you can activate and sign up for an AT&T plan directly in the Apple store.
    2. Doors open at 8:00 AM, so get there at….5?
      1. "Arrive early to get in line as daily quantities are limited by stock on hand."
    3. What to bring to buy an iPhone 3G:
      1. Credit card
      2. Social Security Number
      3. Photo ID
      4. Your current wireless account number and password
    4. Apple specifically mentions to sync your iPhone one last time before coming to the store.
    5. Business customers:
      1. If you receive service under a corporate account, you’ll need to contact AT&T directly.
      2. If you want your iPhone to access your business email account, check with your IT manager first.
    6. Check iPhone 3G store availability online. This page will be updated with each store’s next day iPhone 3G availability after 9:00 PM.
    7. Don’t forget to wear your Apple attire: faded jeans + cool t-shirt + messy but neat hairdo.

Good luck buying (waiting)! 

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