New Firmware To Offer Copy/Paste? Maybe/Possibly…

You find the damnedest things poking around in firmware upgrades.

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MacNN reports the possibility of several MAJOR improvements embedded in the iPhone v2.1 firmware upgrade: "One notes that in exploring the Localizable.strings entry under
English.lproj in the current iPhone WebKit framework, there are entries
for several commands the firmware does not currently support, including
cutting, copying and pasting. Apple has expressed interest in adding the feature, but has not set a timeframe.
firmware also contains a reference to a "mobile radio" function, which
could indicate that Apple hopes to support native Internet radio,
instead of through third-party apps.

Another source claims to have obtained a beta of v2.1 firmware,
said to be in distribution for developers only. Among the features in
this are alleged to be expanded Core Location items, including means
for gauging the direction a person is headed, and their velocity. In
theory, this could allow turn-by-turn GPS

Again, this is all conjecture at this point, and only slightly less concrete that word of a v2.0.1 update, which is just a bug fix.

[Via MacNN]

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