Rogers Announces New $30 6GB Data Plan

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Canada’s Rogers Wireless has announced a promotional new 6 GB Data Plan for $30.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve heard about Canada’s iPhone 3G crisis. Rogers Wireless, Canada’s sole iPhone 3G provider, offered the most unbelievably unfair plans to its iPhone 3G customers.

Here are their rates:

  • $60 ‚Äì 150 daytime minutes, 75 sent text messages, 400MB of data
  • $75 ‚Äì 300 daytime minutes, 100 sent text messages, 750MB of data
  • $100 ‚Äì 600 daytime minutes, 200 sent text messages, 1GB of data
  • $115 ‚Äì 800 daytime minutes, 300 sent test messages, 2GB of data

Click here to read more details about Rogers’ plans.

(US $1.00 = CA $1.01)

60 bucks for 150 minutes, 75 texts, and 400 MB of data? Ridiculous.

Luckily, people reacted. Over 56,000 people signed a petition saying "No" to Rogers.

There have been many rumors floating around regarding the situation with Rogers (Apple to punish Rogers by cutting shipment size, Apple to punish Rogers by not allowing them to sell iPhone 3G on 7/11, etc…).

But now, according to Reuters, the official word is out:

Rogers Wireless is havin a promotional 6 GB Data Plan for an additional $30/month which can be added to ANY new or pre-existing voice plan.

The plan will be available to all iPhone 3G customers who activate before August 31st and sign a 3 year contract with Rogers.

Purchases will be limited to 2 per customer.

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