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Gotta give ’em brownie points for uniqueness…

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A company called P8TCH (pronounced, one would assume, "patch") is now offering custom-created clothing patches that employ QRCode to embed the URL of your choice.  Scan the patch with the QRCode reader of your choice (for iPhones, the list of choices is currently uno: 2D Sense)  and you’ll be transported to that embedded link.  P8TCH compares it to TinyURL, but with the addition of a personal passphrase, so you can reset the target URL as you desire.

The folks at P8TCH blithely admit the target implementation is "alpha nerd bonding."  Six different designs are offered, and the whole shebang (patch, passphrase, Velcro mounting "hardware," and PNG’s of your QRCode if you’re the home-crafts type) for $19.95 each.  Considering that ThreeVee wants five bucks for iCandy, which should be freeware on general silliness alone, a double sawbuck for something that’s arguably USEFUL isn’t that big an expenditure…

(Added kudos for securing a second web address with a Swiss domain.  Yeah, you guessed it: www.p8t.ch)

[Via the official P8CTH website]

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