Your iPhone Warranty Expired Yesterday — Your iPhone Screen May Die Today!

Remember the local nut who’d walk around with a sign declaring THE END IS NEAR?  Well nowadays, he’s walking around with that sign in one hand and dead iPhone in the other.

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For the last year, reports have been coming in that the iPhone’s MultiTouch screen was developing dead spots on a regular basis.  Even the new 3G hasn’t been immune to the problem.  BUT WAIT — it gets better.  Now users are reporting that the dead screen problem is manifesting shortly after the unit’s 1-year warranty expires.  iPhoneAtlas recounts one user’s tale of woe:

“I purchased an iPhone 2G back in July, 2007. 20 days past the 1-year
anniversary, the bottom of my touchscreen stopped responding with the Virtual
Keyboard. The proximity touch feature allows selection of the various buttons
that float across the bottom, but with the keyboard in vertical position, you
can’t shift, use the number keys, or space bar, etc. The bad news is that Apple
wants $219.00 to have the phone repaired. Full price for a phone initially,
making this an $800 toy at this point.”

But remember: a non-responsive screen isn’t always due to hardware failure.  Try resetting or even restoring your iPhone.  Even giving it a gentle cleaning may dislodge bits of muck that could interfere with touchability.  If that still doesn’t do the trick — and you didn’t spring for the extended warranty — hasta la touchscreen, bay-bee.

Than again, maybe Mr. Phelps has found a new technology that self-destructs in five seconds.

[Via iPhoneAtlas]

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