1337pwn.com’s Xbox App comes with heavy features…

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Last week we took a look at Nicholas Pike’s iXbox Live app, a less polished yet more expensive ($.99?!) version of 1337pwn.com’s Xbox Live Friends List Widget.

Now 1337pwn has created a version of its beloved widget for the App Store, titled (wait for it…) the 1337pwn Xbox Live Friends List Application.  It sounds like a dream App for Xbox fans, as it has a slew of useful features, among them: automatic updates from Live, message capabilities, detailed stats on other Live users and recent games (including box art!), and GoogleMaps and Twitter integration. 

It’s also $7.99.

And to think, $.99 for iXbox Live was a travesty!  Eight-bucks-less-a-penny is bit of a steep price to pay for an App, even one as sleek and shiny at this.  Especially since you can access this information, for free, by firing up Safari and going to Xbox.com

This App is best suited for those into the bells and whistles, and have the cash to spare.

UPDATE:  The heavy pricetag has been lifted off due to request from Microsoft (based on API agreement developers cannot charge money for their application).  1337pwn’s Xbox Live Friends List App is now FREE!

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