Unlock 3G iPhone Using Unlock Chipset

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It’s all about options and USB Fever is now bringing us a hardware based way to unlock the 3G iPhone. Software hackers are hard at work trying to find a stable unlocking solution for the iPhone 3G, but if their solution isn’t available by August 20th, you can order a SIM Unlock Card from USB Fever for $34.99.

From USB Fever website: "This SIM unlock is made of a very thin piece of FPC (0.10mm) with a Microcontroller mounted on, that goes between your Operator’s SIM card & the phone’s SIM socket.

Because of it’s very thin & slim design it fits into almost all phone’s on the market and can also be easily removed again. It’s got Gold Immersion and makes perfect contact with the card and the socket at ALL times."

Their unlock will support firmware 2.0, my guess it may be obsolete as of today since the 2.0.1 update is out.

Our advice is to wait for the software solution.  At least with software, we can pretend that we know what we’re doing. Don’t forget about all the mods you can install on your jailbroken/unlocked phone.

[Via iPhoneAtlas ]

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