Android vs. iPhone?

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This fall, HTC, Google, and T-Mobile may release the first Android-enabled phone. But that’s just a maybe. The twice-delayed release date has been pushed back due to a hesitant FCC. Although the device was unveiled at the Google I/O conference – and has even surfaced on YouTube – T-Mobile has yet to confirm a solid release date for the phone, which features a larger-than-life touchscreen and sliding keyboard, among other things.

The first Android phone is even expected to rival the untouchable iPhone; however, Apple’s purchasing experience is easy and breezy, while Android-device processing has yet to be disclosed. According to Google, as long as the device is released by the close of 2008, they will have reached their goal. As long as the pioneer is HTC and T-Mobile’s “Dream,” that is. I guess a relevant iPhone rival is on the horizon. But that’s just a maybe.