Are You Receiving Me? No? This’ll Fix It…

Remember that scene in FIGHT CLUB where Edward Norton’s character explains how the auto company he works for calculates what would be cheaper — issuing a recall because of a faulty part, or just paying off all the legal claims that would otherwise ensue?

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Believe it or not, the House of Jobs is facing a similar scenario.  According to reports, reception problems that have plagued many 3G owners have been traced to a fault within the Infineon chip.  (An anonymous Swedish scientist — who won’t come forward for fear he’ll get in trouble for using his day job’s equipment for his research — first discovered the new iPhone had slower transfer speeds and a greater likelihood of dropping calls than other 3G handsets.)

So does that mean all those early 3G customers will have to stand in long lines again, this time to return/replace their shiny new status symbols?  Hopefully not — Apple and Infineon are putting their heads together to work on a software-based solution that could be available by month’s end.

[Via CNET]

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