Astro Ranch: Landing soon on iPhone

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What would you get if you crammed Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, the 1950s and outer space into your iPhone?

You’d get Astro Ranch, a fun new app being developed by our friends Across the Pond at TAG Games.

In an interview with Pocket Gamer, TAG reveals the premise behind its flagship iPhone title:

You play Sindy Starlight, an intrepid space explorer who crash lands on
an alien planet, and has to start her own ranch, while exploring the
planet and making nice with its inhabitants.

It’ll be part
strategy game, with you building up your ranch, and part action title,
with sections where you pan for gold by shaking the iPhone, and also
build fences and lasso runaway animals by tapping the screen.

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Other features to be included: an original music score, slick yet fun 3D graphics, and the ability to interact among other Astro Ranch players by sending messages or gifts.  ("Take this space mushroom as an offering of peace.")  TAG also plans to release Astro Ranch for Nintendo DS and the Nokia N-Gage, which could mean some cross-platform interactivity action.

Recently, we lamented that the iPhone’s gaming library lacks diversity.  As far as we can see, Astro Ranch doesn’t include a casino.  We’ll take this as a positive sign.

Look for Astro Ranch to land on iPhone early 2009.

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You may want to read an interview with the developers of Astro Ranch at

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