Did You Buy the $999 iPhone App? Join the Stupid Club!

To paraphrase PT Barnum, there’s a sucker born every minute — and a wily "iPhone app" designer from Germany to take him.

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The above is not a typo: a single iPhone app, priced at a penny shy of a grand, that promises to do nothing.  According to reports, it’s bad enough that one person clicked on it for a lark — then found, thanks to iClick, he’d executed a "Buy It Now" and can’t get a refund.  But then seven other folks followed suit.  And now that the App Store has pulled the listing, Heinrich is claiming demand has outstripped supply:

"I am sure a lot more people would like to buy it‚Äîbut currently can’t do
so. I have no idea why they [Apple] did it [retire the application] and
am not aware of any violation of the rules to sell software on the App
Store. The App is a work of Art and included a ‘secret mantra’ ‚Äî that’s

And wasn’t it McLuhan who claimed "art" is anything you can get away with?  For the record, Armin’s gotten away with $5600 — less $2400 commission to the App Store.  And eight unlucky iPhone owners are staring at receiving potential Darwin Awards (Financial Category).

[Via Gizmodo]

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