Hack your iPhone for great justice: iPhone Forensics Workshop

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Learn how you can turn your iPhone into a crime fighting device.  Jonathan Zdziarski, the original iPhone hacker, is hosting the iPhone Forensics Workshop at the Burlington Marriot in Burlington, MA from September 16 to 17.

Sponsored by O’Reilly, the seminar is expected to cover such topics as breaking through a passcode-protected iPhone, hindering the 3G’s "secure swipe," and recovering a wealth of deleted data including voicemails, emails, call history and images. 

Zdziarski’s seminar will be a valuable experience for law enforcement officials, corporate information security personnel…and that nosy girlfriend who can’t help but take a peek at your phone when you’re not around.  (It will be a matter of time before she hacks herself into those deleted voicemails from that girl who’s "just a friend.")

Registration for the iPhone Forensics Workshop is now open

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