iPhone antenna: one less scapegoat in connectivity plight

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The iPhone is almost on par with the Sony Ericsson P1 and Nokia N73, in terms of antenna strength.

After much controversy over the iPhone 3G’s unstable connectivity, Swedish-based Bluetest wanted to delve into one possible root of the problem: a faulty mobile antenna.  Scientists placed the iPhone, P1, and N73 in a test chamber to determine the devices’ abilities to send and receive information under certain conditions.  The results showed that the iPhone’s antenna is capable of transmitting and accepting signals just as well as the P1 and N73. 

Do the iPhone’s wireless features, such as Bluetooth, interfere with its connectivity?  Bluetest concluded that the signals from those applications do not affect the iPhone’s overall reception.

So the next time a call is dropped on your iPhone, think twice before cursing the antenna.


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