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Advertisers are striving to effectively reach audiences in an age of ever-changing technology.  The iPhone is no exception, with free Apps bogged down by advertisements.

Now mobile advertising firm AdMob is developing a method of target marketing that integrates the features of the iPhone.  For example, an artist can receive some decent exposure with a link to the iTunes store:

Or you can book a reservation with a phone call:

(More videos are available here.)

AdMob has announced its plan to invest $1 million in its AdMob for iPhone Developer Program (full story at EON Business Wire), in hopes of expanding and revolutionizing the iPhone’s mobile advertising culture.

It’s a clever yet practical way to advertise, as the features of the iPhone are promoted along with the service, product or business.  The ads do not take up a large portion of the screen, nor do they move around or make sounds unless touched.  They are visible enough so that the user can tap on them if interested.

Want to see AdMob on iPhone at work?  Just insert this link into your iPhone browser: http://iphone.admob.com/iphone/.  Let us know what you think of this new approach to mobile advertising in the comments section.

A screenshot of an AdMob ad:

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