iPhone owners are busy people

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iPhone users do so much, so says a survey conducted by M:Metrics.

According to a report from The New York Times,
the mobile measurement firm surveyed 10,000 adult iPhone users on how
they use their preferred mobile device.  The results of the survey show
that the iPhone truly is a multifaceted little machine.

For example: roughly 85 percent of iPhone users access news or other information through their browsers, compared to about 60 percent of Smartphone owners.  While 31 percent enjoy watching video and mobile tv on their iPhones, only 14 percent of Smartphone users claim they do the same. 

As for music?  It would be a given that nearly 3/4 of iPhone owners fire up their iTunes on a regular basis.  Music player usage on Smartphones, however, tallied just 28 percent.

Check out the rest of the survey results at M:Metrics.

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