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In June, we reported that incoming freshmen at Abilene Christian College in Texas would be receiving an iPhone 3G or iPod Touch as part of the university’s initiative to implement a whole new approach to learning through convergence devices. 

School is now in session at Abilene, and close to 1,000 students entered campus with a shiny new Apple (device) in their hands.  Abilene freshmen will rely upon their iPhones or iPods to help guide them to the Campus Commons or find out just how well (or poorly) they did in that 101 Seminar.  All information regarding events, classes, and other campus news will be right at students’ fingertips.

Convergence devices in the classroom is nothing new. (Duke University students use their iPods to help them with their studies.) However,  Abilene is the first institution to initiate a program in which mobile telecommunications (AT&T) and higher learning work together to provide the ultimate interactive campus experience. Other universities plan to follow Abeline’s lead. 

It won’t be long before prospective college students add another checkbox to their school selection criteria: "iPhone usage."

Test drive Abilene’s new mobile site on your iPhone: http://m.acu.edu/acu-mobile/

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