iPhone 2.0.1 Software Update is Available for Download

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iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

To download, open iTunes and click "Check for Update".

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You should see the following message:

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Start the installation process.

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A word of caution before you click NEXT:
1. Make sure you have lots of time, cause it’ll take you a while to finish the upgrade process due to the backup and installation time. (it took us approximately 30 minutes to update, you may be luckier).
2. If you aren’t the adventurous type, let others play with the update for a day or two.  Just be patient, and wait a day or two. See if there’s any negative reports.
3. If you have your phone jailbroken – STOP, as of right now Pwnage tool does not work with 2.0.1 Software update.

Good Luck! We will report any significant improvements/problems with an update.

Update Review:

1. If you are on a Mac, you will be prompted with a security update after installing iPhone 2.0.1 Update (restart required)

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2. After installing the iPhone update, all your media will remain on your iPhone (good news)

3. You have to wait for back-up to finish after upgrading, do not cancel – you do not want to corrupt your first back-up after upgrading.  The backup process was faster than usual.

4. We tried SMS and typing was much snappier, but we can’t confirm that the keyboard lag was fixed until further testing. 

5. We had Netshare installed before it was removed, and after the update Netshare remained on our iPhone and it’s still working.  FYI, Netshare was backed-up in iTunes. Apps which have been installed in the iPhone only and not backed-up in iTunes will not be available, you will have to re-install them.

6. 700 contacts opened in a snap, a big improvement.

7. Applications open much faster.

8. Safari used to crash while surfing DIGG, things look more stable now after surfing DIGG for 15 minutes – no crashes to report.

9. Moving from screen to screen is better, so is moving applications from one screen to another (both ways).

10. When you update your application they still move from their previous location (let’s hope this will get fixed soon)

11. Tried accessing settings while updating bunch of apps via WIFI, and the settings screen blanked and then crashed back to the main screen – we’ll test after updates finish.  Settings loaded without problems after updates were installed

12. If you are looking for IPSW file on MAC

from ROOT –  /Users/<YOUR USER NAME>/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates/

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as you can see IPSW file is 249.1 MB

13. Something funky is going with iTunes and app updates – this may not be related to 2.0.1 update since other users reported same issue without the update.

14. Testing apps.  Still having problem with NetNewsWire.

15. BoxOffice was removed from app store, if you had it installed it is still working after the update.

16. After sliding unlock button, screen behind it loads faster.  It is just an observation. 

14. Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed – 7.7.1 ( if you do not have the latest version your update may not go through). Read here.

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