Koi Pond is updated to 2.0, some suprises inside

In our original Koi Pond review we mentioned that Koi Pond Turns Your iPhone Into An Aquarium.

With Koi Pond update 2.0 The Blip Pilots (developers of Koi Pond) added some new surprising features which fans of prior version will absolutely love.

Most notable and fun features:

  • Ability to add ambient sound track (up to 4 preset sounds)
  • Feed your fish by shaking
  • Fish can nibble at your finger if your touch simulates water surface long enough (it would be better if the device vibrated while the fish is nibbling)
  • 3D sound effects when headphones are plugged in


  • Better water simulation
  • Brighter pond
  • Better pond color controls

It is amazing to see how a simple demonstration concept, like having koi pond on your iPhone, can evolve into an entertaining application which can grow into something more sofisticated and fun.

Buy Koi Pond from iTunes for $0.99 (update is free for current owners)

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