Next case: Disgruntled iPhone 3G Owners v. Apple

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Many iPhone users are frustrated over the lack of stable 3G service, and the recent 2.0.2 firmware update did virtually nothing to improve matters.  However, one iPhone owner is so exasperated with the faultiness of the device, she’s turned to the legal system to make things right. 

One bitter iPhone non-fan from Alabama has filed a lawsuit against Apple, citing Jobs & Co. as guilty of mass producing a defective product.  The unhappy customer has dealt with her fair share of iProblems, such as sluggish connection speeds and dropped calls.  But she knows she’s not alone–other iPhone users have been experiencing similar bouts of grief.

Thus, the plaintiff is requesting a class action lawsuit be filed against the consumer electronics giant, as "tens of thousands" of people have suffered economic injury as the result of shoddy technology.

Will this legal scare finally prompt Apple to come up with a true fix-all solution for the 3G’s problems?

Everything is working in iSmashPhone Land, user error again?

Source: Ars Technica

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